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The Fairway Dairy and Ingredients website has been specifically designed with a simple interface to make finding your way through the website as fast and effortless as possible. No fancy gimmicks or dozens of pages to navigate through to get to the information you need or to find what you want.

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The top menu contains the general information pages, while the left-side menu will guide you to information about specific areas of our business and other helpful information. Links are also provided at the bottom of each page which will help you access less popular, but still important information, such as our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

About Our Forms
We have two forms available through our Buying and Selling page. The Product Order Form is not for actually purchasing our products, but it provides a means for our customers to ask us about which products we have available and to provide an asking price. We do not make our products available for direct purchase online. Likewise, our customers can offer to sell us their products using the Offer Form. After receiving either of these forms we will review the information and get back to you with a proposal as soon as possible

Other Useful Information
You will also find the information on these pages particularly helpful:

  • Sitemap: A detailed look at the individual pages of this website.
  • Customer Service: Information for our customers and others who must reach us as soon as possible.
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Questions and answers about Fairway Dairy and Ingredients and many aspects of our business.
If you have questions or need further help, please contact us.